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How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Book? A Detail of Full ...Washington is already talking about a second round of stimulus payments for US taxpayers.

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With more than 33 million people filing first-time unemployment claims since mid-March and PublishIt the country barreling toward a recession that economists predict globally could be the worst since the Great Depression, talk of a second 2020 stimulus check to keep people afloat is already starting in Washington. 

The IRS is still sending out stimulus payments for up to $1,200 per person to millions of Americans, and already some are wondering if those will be enough and if there will be a second coronavirus relief bill. The "economic impact payments" being issued by the IRS via direct deposit and paper checks in the mail were introduced as a one-time payment designed to help blunt the financial blow caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. 

Today, while there is not broad enough support in Congress to pass a second stimulus package for individuals -- which some are calling the "CARES 2 Act" -- a handful of ideas from members of Congress are being discussed and gaining traction. Here's what we know about a second round of stimulus payments in 2020 for individuals.

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Recap: The first coronavirus stimulus package
In an effort to blunt the financial effects of the coronavirus outbreak, President Donald Trump in March signed into law a $2 trillion economic stimulus package (technically a relief package) that included payments of up to $1,200 to eligible US taxpayers and $500 for each child 16 or younger. The IRS began sending checks in the middle of April, and by the end of the month it had made more than 122 million payments. The rollout was bumpy, with some recipients wrestling with the tools the IRS provided to assist with signing up for and tracking their checks.

The argument in favor of another round of stimulus checks
Since the middle of March, more than 33 million US workers who have lost their jobs have filed for unemployment. The actual number of unemployed since governors and mayors locked down their states and cities to stop the spread of coronavirus is likely higher -- perhaps millions higher -- because many who are eligible didn't file a jobless claim. The newly unemployed along with others taking an economic hit from the pandemic might benefit from having more money right now to spend. 

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The argument against a second wave of relief payments
Some in Washington, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, question whether the relief measures have met their goals and want to tap the brakes before approving more federal spending to evaluate the effects of the already-approved relief packages. McConnell and others also worry how additional stimulus packages will increase the historic federal deficit.

What are proposals for a second round of economic stimulus payments
Instead of a one-time payment, some in Washington argue a more effective way to assist struggling US taxpayers and stimulate the economy is through payroll tax cuts that let workers hold on to more of their money each paycheck. 

President Trump has thrown his support behind this approach to get more dollars into taxpayer hands. "I want to see a payroll tax cut," he said at a virutal town hall meeting earlier this month. "We're not doing anything unless we get a payroll tax cut." 

A payroll tax cut could help those with jobs but wouldn't benefit anyone already out of work and without a paycheck, some economists say.

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Others in Washington are looking at broader, long-term approaches to assist those staggered by the coronavirus economic crisis. Congressmen Ro Khanna and Tim Ryan, for example, propose giving many US residents $2,000 a month for at least six months to see their households through the crisis. Senator Mitt Romney proposed a similar plan for $1,000 a month, and Senator Josh Hawley supports monthly payments to families with children. 

Looking further out, Representatives Rashida Tlaib and Pramila Jayapal propose extending those payments for a year after the crisis ends.

What will happen next
Although some in Congress are working to rally support for additional aid, neither the House nor the Senate has so far passed a bill for a second round of relief payments for individuals. We are keeping an eye on developments and will update this article frequently.

In the meantime, learn about financial resources available to you. Here's what to know about unemployment insurance, what you can do if you've lost your job, what to know about evictions and late car payments and how to take control of your budget.

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